You’re a new parent and you’re intrigued to know the benefits of placing your child into a nursery or childcare environment. That first step in saying goodbye when you drop your child off at nursery is your child’s crucial first step towards independence and the beginning of their education. At Kiddiecare Nurseries, we boast a welcoming environment and atmosphere which allows your child to feel at ease whilst developing their social skills through play and learning. Nurseries are a place in which your child can comfortably grow in a safe place amongst staff members who place your child’s safety and happiness first alongside a day filled with varied activities to keep everyone occupied.

Children need to spend time together to learn and improve upon vital life skills:
- Sharing (toys, friends etc)
- Communicating and speech development (improving vocabulary)
- Developing friendships
- Creating positive relationships (children will copy one another and the adults around them therefore it is imperative to place your child in a positive place)
- Developing good behaviour (no negative physical or psychological behaviour is tolerated)
- Politeness
- Building confidence

Obviously, some of these skills will be developed at home however, they are honed in at nursery and encouraged by our staff. It has been stated in The Guardian newspaper that children who attend nursery have a better understanding of colours, letters, numbers and counting, sizes and shapes in comparison to children who do not.

This blog is not about telling you to put your child in nursery all day, every day (unless of course that is what you would like to do!) but to have a think about the benefits of your child interacting with other children their age on a regular basis. Whether you choose for your child to be in nursery part-time to fit in with going back to work after maternity leave, or whether you would just like to try 3 hours twice a week, it is about working out what is best for you and your little one.

Come and have a look around Kiddiecare Nurseries in Hillingdon & Ealing, and see how our staff will work with you in looking after your child to encourage them to be the best they can be.