First and foremost, nurseries are a safe haven for your child to learn and grow through play and educational activities. This starts from the moment both you and your child walk through the front door; children need to feel at ease with where they are and plain walls, disengaged staff and a lack of stimulating activities are just not good enough. This is why Kiddiecare are a great childcare option as we place the focus on your child’s happiness with all of our nurseries directed towards an engaging environment.

Children need to learn how to use all of their senses effectively so that they are ready for school from the age of four. Arts and crafts stimulate sensory experiences through using their hands to paint images and create works of art; We use foam, paint, sand and play-doh to name a few, in helping our children to develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and unleash their creativity. Circle time and storytime help with children learning to listen to others and focus on their involvement in the story, whilst singing nursery rhymes engages children in confidence and team involvement. Skills which are fairly simple at this early age, but essential down the line.

Children have to want to learn and play which is why all of our nursery rooms are full of colour, games and activities for your child to use under close supervision. We encourage role-play and make-believe games to enhance vocabulary and independence so that this is taken home with the child; with the advance in technology nowadays, it is so easy for children to become reliant on television programmes and computer games, so we place an effort on helping children realise their independence through make-believe games.

Additionally, nurseries need to include outdoor play for children to experience fresh air and exercise so make sure you read my next blog post which holds a focus on the importance of outdoor play.