It cannot be stressed enough how a bit of fresh air helps to lift everyone's spirit, no matter what their age. Yes, we live in the UK so we probably don’t get as much Vitamin D as people do in other countries, however, it is important that your child spends as much time as they can outside soaking up the fresh air and vitamin D.

At KiddieCare nurseries, our children play outside every day (weather permitting obviously!) in our child-friendly and interactive gardens attached to the nursery. The gardens are all designed to be fun whilst also providing a stimulating learning environment teaching the children how to:

  • Think creatively

  • Count with abacus balls

  • Create music with pots and pans

  • Measure water using different resources

  • Be creative in our mud kitchens

  • Share games and resources with other children

  • Increase their social interaction and communication skills

  • Improve on their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

This is a non-exhaustive list; so many skills and competencies can be gained and improved upon whilst playing outside! Plus what’s not to love- your child is learning whilst having fun. Have a look at one of our nursery gardens at Botwell for an insight into how fun outdoor play can be at KiddieCare!