Merlin the monkey

Merlin has come to stay for the month of February and we would like to thank the parents who have been working hard with their children at home making artwork and bringing them in for us to show him. Although Merlin is only here this month we would like you still to bring in artwork every week and we will send him pictures. Who knows, he may even come back for a second visit! He has taken part in the nursery routine and the activities, and the children are enjoying having him in the setting and you will see pictures of this on your child’s tapestry.

Thank you

The children have been doing lots of activities in the nursery as you can see on Tapestry. We would like to thank the parents that are uploading pictures and posting comments on their child's journal. I have notes that some parents have not logged onto their journal so if you are having difficulty with this, please come and talk to me and I will help you get set up so you can see what your child/children are doing in the nursery.

Upcoming dates

From the 12th to the 16th February it is half-term so the nursery will be closed for term time only children; if you are paying a holding fee please can you let me know what day you
will be attending the nursery. The nursery will only be open Monday am and Friday am this week which may change but please come and talk to me. We also will be closed on the 19th February as this is the nursery's training day.

Policy of the month

To ensure the safety and welfare of children in our care we operate a personal mobile phone usage policy which stipulates that personal mobile phones cannot be used when in the presence of children, on the premises or when on outings, by staff, parents and visitors. If you wish to use your mobile phone you must leave the nursery building, mobiles phones are not permitted to be used anywhere on site, this includes the nursery office.

What have the children been learning in January? 

  • We have been learning about Chinese New Year and what animal represents the years they were born in

  • How we can change colours using 2 or more colours

  • What are healthy and unhealthy foods

  • And making cards for someone they care about

Heart Foundation

All children, from the week commencing the 19th February, can come in wearing red and at the end of Wednesday and Friday session the staff will be selling cakes and biscuits that the children have made in the nursery.

Spare Clothes

The nursery is asking for help from our parents and looking for any old clothes you may have.  This is so that we can have some spare clothes in the nursery for on those days that a bag is forgotten and a child may need to be changed.