What a great start the children have had this term. They have all settled back in very well and have been helping our new children really well. The children have already started making great progress towards their development goals. If you haven’t already please log into your tapestry account to see how well your children are doing. It is a great system where you can see pictures of your children at nursery and you can also add your own comments and pictures. Please speak to your child’s key person or myself, Cheryl to find out more about the tapestry. So far this term we have been looking at Chinese New Year and the children have made lovely lanterns and dragons. We will soon be talking about Valentine’s Day and asking the children to talk about those special people in their lives. The children have enjoyed the story of the gingerbread man. Many of them now know the story very well and able to retell us what happens.


Multi-cultural resources
At our nursery, we have families from a variety of backgrounds. We would like to reflect this in the items that the children see around the nursery to enhance their experiences. If you have any of the following items at home that you no longer need we would very grateful if you would like to donate them to the nursery.
- Packaging in home languages
- Materials / outfits
- Cooking utensils
- Musical instruments
- Multi-cultural stories/books in home languages.

Sickness and illness policy

Please, familiarise yourself with our exclusion policy for sicknesses. It is displayed on our notice board. Children who have sickness, diarrhoea and temperatures will not be permitted to attend nursery for a minimum of 48 hours once the symptoms subside. Children cannot attend nursery if they have had calpol, nurofen or paracetamol within the past 24 hours.

Staff news
I’d like to say a massive congratulations to Ayesha who has completed her level 3 in childcare and education. Well done Ayesha!!!