Dear parents

I hope you have all enjoyed the first half term back at nursery. This term so far, we have been looking at Chinese New Year and our families for Valentine’s day.

Play and stay sessions

We are looking for parent volunteers to come into the nursery and play with the children. If you would like to come in and read a story or be involved with a cooking activity please come and do so.

Resident Monkey

Kiddiecare Nurseries have a new resident monkey who will be staying at the nurseries one month at a time, in order for the monkey to visit we are asking all parents and children to make pictures at home and bring them in for display each month. This month you could make pictures for Valentines with your child. 

Super Star Sports

Super Star Sports will now be attending Kiddiecare Nurseries every week on a Tuesday. If you would like your child to take part in this session it is £5.00 per month, this will need to be paid to the nursery in cash by the 1st of every month. If you have any more questions or queries please speak to a member of staff. 

2 and 3 year old free childcare

We still have places available for any children or parents looking for extra hours. 

Change of children sessions.

I would like to remind parents that if you would like to change your child’s nursery hours, please could you put this in writing and a month’s notice must be given in order to ensure we have the correct ratio for your children’s safety. Please, remember to wait outside the main gate before your child’s session start. We are asking parents to ensure you are dropping off your child by 12.15 to start their session. Please ensure you are picking your child up at 2.45 or 5.45 to enable the staff to give each parent feedback about their day. Please inform us if you are dropping your child any later then 12.15pm.  

Just a reminder to all parents please ensure you inform the nursery if any of your details change so we can update them on your child’s forms. Please ensure if someone different is collecting or dropping your child, you have informed the manager at the beginning of the session and that their information is on our child detail forms.