Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you and your children all back after the Easter break and hope you all had a lovely Easter. Also, welcome to all our new families joining us this term, I hope you all feel very

Within the nursery we have a parents notice board which will give you information about some of our policies and procedures; the rest of the policies are available for you to read at any time, just ask a member of staff. On this noticeboard, you will also find important dates including when the nursery is closed for the holidays etc. You will also find the staff details here, giving you a photo and name of the staff who are present in the nursery each day.

I would just like to remind you of our session times, our morning runs from 9 am till 11.45am and our afternoon sessions run from 12 pm till 2.45pm.

To enable the staff to talk to you about your child’s day, please be here 15 minutes before
your child’s session finishes, (e.g. by 11.45am/2.45pm)

Staff changes
I am happy to be informing you that we have a new manager starting with us. Julie has previously
worked as a nursery manager for a number of years and has achieved outstanding Ofsted reports. Julie has a great knowledge of working with young children and has three young children herself. Julie will introduce herself to you all during the first few weeks and is looking forward to working with you all and supporting the development of your little ones.

With the increase in numbers for our afternoon sessions Nassima and Hetal will be extending their hours and will be doing every afternoon. 

Creative day for Dads
We would like to invite all the dads to come and join in our creative day activities to help celebrate Fathers day on Friday 15th June. The morning session will be from 11.00am until 11.45am, and the afternoon will be from 2.00pm until 2.45pm. I do hope you will come in and join in our fun!

Play and Stay Sessions
We like to continuously involve all parents in every step of the way to developing their child’s learning. We would like to invite parents/carers to our play sessions every Friday to play with their children; if you would like to read a story with the children, do a cooking activity or help us celebrate any festivals, please feel free to come in and do this. Speak with Julie who will be happy to arrange this. 

Late collection fees
May I remind everyone about late collection charges, if you are going be late picking up your child please ring 07484541323 and let us know so we are able to arrange staff cover. The late charge is £10.00 for every fifteen minutes (or part of) which is payable on the day.

Parent’s meetings:
If you missed your child’s parents meeting at the end of the last term, talk to your child’s key person and they will be happy to arrange another date for you. All the children will have an end of term report added to their tapestry account by the end of April for those that didn’t yet have it.

Parents meetings at the end of the summer term will be during the week commencing the 9th of July. You will be given a time to come in and speak with your child’s key person. This is the opportunity for you to come in, look at your child’s profiles, and talk to the key-person about their progress. Your child’s profile is also available for you to view at all times on Tapestry, if you are having difficulty logging into this please speak with Tracey who will happily help you. If the date is not suitable for you, please speak to your child’s key-person to re-arrange for a suitable day.

School Leavers
If your child is leaving us at the end of the term to go to school in September, please notify us in writing by the 8th June. Once you have had your parents meeting with your child’s key person, you will be able to print off your child’s profile and report from the tapestry. The report can then be handed to your child’s new teacher to give them an idea of where your child’s learning is at. We will delete your child from our tapestry system by 17th August so please, ensure you print off or save any information you want from it before this date.

Hot weather
Once the weather warms up it is essential that you apply suncream to your child before they come into the nursery. We cannot accept any child into nursery if they do not have suncream on. You also need to supply a sunhat for them to wear outside. Our suncream policy will be displayed once this is appropriate but do please plan ahead for those sunny days that may appear. If your child has allergies to suncream please seek your GP’s advice as we are unable to accept children who do not have suncream. Forgetting to put sun cream on your child and forgetting to bring a hat may result in your child being sent home. Please label your child’s belongings.

Dates for your diary:
 First day of term: Monday 16th April 2018.
 Queen Elizabeth’s birthday: Saturday 21 st April 2018
 St George’s day – Monday 23rd April 2018.
 Mayday bank holiday – Monday 7th May 2018, nursery is closed
 Ramadan begins: 15th May 2018
 Staff training day – 23rd May 2018 – nursery is closed
 Half term: 28th May – 1st June 2018 – nursery is closed
 Spring bank holiday – 28th May 2018
 Eid Ul Fitr – 15th June 2018
 Father day activities – 15th June 2018
 Fathers day: 17th June 2018
 Parents meetings – week commencing 9th July 2018, appointments will be given out nearer the
 Last day of term and party: Friday 20th July 2018, children will only attend the parties on this day, times will be given nearer the time.

Any others issues
 For the safety of all children, please ensure that you shut the ENTRANCE DOOR when entering or leaving the building. Do not allow people you do not know into the nursery.
 Under our safeguarding policies mobile phones / ipads are not permitted to be used within the nursery whilst children are present, this applies to staff, parents and any other visitors.
 From time to time it may be necessary that someone unknown to the nursery has to collect your child, if this is the case please ensure you let a member of staff know and please ensure you give staff and the other person a password, as we cannot let children go home with someone we don’t know. In addition, if the person is known to the nursery please let a member of staff know they are collecting your child.
 For health and Safety reasons, can we ensure that we avoid bringing toys to the nursery from
home. The nursery will not take any responsibility of any loss of toys.
 I would like to remind all parents that if any of your contact details change could you please let
us know, in case we need to contact you in an emergency.
 The disabled parking bays outside the nursery are for disabled badge holders only, please note
that CCTV cameras are operating outside the nursery.
 Please ensure your child/ren have had breakfast or lunch at home before coming into
nursery, we cannot allow children to eat food from home in the nursery alongside the
other children. Some of our children have allergies and could become ill if they come
into contact with certain foods.

 Please ensure you bring the following items to nursery with you on a daily basis.
- Spare sets of clothes (in a labelled bag)
- Nappies, wipes and creams (if needed)
- Coats, raincoats, wellington boots, hats, scarves and gloves (for Winter)
- Lighter jackets, sun hat and sun cream (for Summer)
- Any prescribed medication they may need.

Please remember to mark all belongings with your child’s name.

If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to speak to us,
Kind regards,
Cheryl and the KiddieCare team