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Dear Parents,

Tipping mistake 

Last day of term for Autumn is the 18th not the 14th of December this means the children’s Christmas party will be on the 18th not the 14th. 

Last day of term for Summer’s the 24th not the 26th of July this means the children’s Graduation day/party day will be the 24th not the 26th.


We would like to say sorry for the inconvenience that tapestry is not working at this time. Your child’s key worker is still working with your child to extend their leaning and when it is up and running we will upload their observations for you all to see.  

Change in weather 

This year we are due to have a late winter however we do still ask parents/carers to provide suitable clothing for the children as we enjoy taking the children out into the garden to explore and learn.

This includes waterproof coat, hat, gloves, scarf, wellington’s, jumpers as well as at least 2 changes of clothes, as the child may still get wet.

Karina happy news 

As most of you know now, Karina gave birth to a little baby girl on the 19th September, her name is Karlie and mum and Karlie are doing very well. Karina has also found time to pop into the nursery to say hi to all the children. We also took this time to pass on all your congratulations to her. 

New staff and students

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Laura to the Ashdown KiddieCare team.  Laura has worked in child care for 10 years and has her level 3 childcare qualification; she will be working term time only and from 9 to 3 every day.

We also have 2 students from Uxbridge college, Maizie now will be in the nursery every Tuesday and Selina now will be in the nursery on a Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning they will be wearing their Uxbridge tops so that you can see who they are, they will be at this setting until the end of March. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning:

HIP HIP hooray I would like to thank all of you for making such lovely donations at our MacMillan coffee day.  As you all could see the children worked very hard in making the cakes and biscuits.  With all your help we raised just over £140.00 which means we doubled what we made last year so yet again a BIG THANK YOU to you all.  

Play and Stay Session 

The last Friday of every month is bring a friend to nursery, if you would like to bring a friend please inform us in advance.  On the day you and your friend with the children must stay with the children. If you have any more questions please speak with myself and I will be happy to help. 

Late collection fees   

May I remind everyone about late collection charges, if you are going be late picking up your child please ring 01895 230975 and let us know so we are able to arrange staff cover. The late charge is £10.00 for every fifteen minutes (or part of) which is payable on the day.                   

Dates for your diary:

  • 19th October training day 

  • Half term 22/10/18-26/10/18 (returning 30th October)

  • 6th November Diwali party (parental involvement)

  • 14th November decorate Christmas boxes (parental involvement)

  • 30th November St Andrews day (children activities)

  • 13th December end of term parents meeting 

  • 18th December Christmas party end of term 

  • Half term 18/12/18- returning 7/1/19

  • 14th Jan what my mum and Dad do all week (will be explained in future newsletter) 

  • 5th Feb Chinese new year 

  • 14th Feb Valentines tea 

  • Half term 18/2/19-22/2/18 

  • Training day 25th February 

  • 1st March St Davids day (activity)

  • 7th March world book day (children’s dress up as favourite character) 

  • 15th March Red nose day 

  • 18th March St Patricks day 

  • 29th March Mother’s Day activities

  • 5th April Easter party 

  • Half term 5/4/19 returning 23/4/19

  • 23rd April St Georges day 

  • 6th May Ramadan (activities)

  • 24th May Training day (fri)

  • Half term 27/5/19-31/5/19 returning 3rd June 

  • 5th June EID (activities) 

  • 14th June Fathers day (activities)

  • 4th July sports day 

  • 24th Graduation day/party day 

Also visit our website to find out what events are going on at all the Kiddiecare branches at 

Join us on twitter at @KCAshdown / @KCnurseries to see what’s been happening in nursery as well as our facebook page. 

Any others issues

  • For the safety of all children, please ensure that you shut the ENTRANCE DOOR when entering or leaving the building. Do not allow people you do not know into the nursery.

  • Under our safeguarding policies mobile phones / ipad's are not permitted to be used within the nursery whilst children are present, this applies to staff, parents and any other visitors.

  • From time to time it may be necessary that someone unknown to the nursery has to collect your child, if this is the case please ensure you let a member of staff know and please ensure you give staff and the other person a password, as we cannot let children go home with someone we don’t know. In addition, if the person is known to the nursery please let a member of staff know they are collecting your child.

  • For health and Safety reasons, can we ensure that we avoid bringing toys to the nursery from home. The nursery will not take any responsibility of any loss of toys.

  • I would like to remind all parents that if any of your contact details change could you please let us know, in case we need to contact you in an emergency.

  • We currently do not have storage for pushchairs, so please take these home with you. We will not take responsibility for any pushchairs left outside the building.

  • Please ensure you bring the following items to nursery with you on a daily basis.

- Spare sets of clothes (in a labelled bag)

- Nappies, wipes and creams (if needed)

- Coats, rain coats, wellington boots, hats, scarves and gloves (for Winter)

- Lighter jackets, sun hat and sun cream (for Summer)

- Any prescribed medication they may need.

Please remember to mark all belongings with your child’s name. 

To all parents 

Morning sessions/ full time sessions                                                                                                      We would like to inform you that children who attend morning or full time session are asked to bring a healthy packed lunch for your child. You may bring in meat products for your child’s lunch but only in a form of a sandwich or cold pasta/ rice dish. Please place your child’s name on their lunch pack and please do not bring your child’s lunch in a carrier bag as this is a health and safety issue. Your child would not be able to attend their session without their lunch packs. Below are a few suggestions you could supply.

Lunch pack suggestions (The nursery will provide milk and water) :

  • Sandwich with a healthy filling or a meat filling (brown bread)                          

  • Roll with a healthy filling or meat filling                 

  • Samosas                     

  • Brown Pasta dish.                 

  • Brown Rice dish.                     

  • Dairy Lea dunkers.

  • Pitta bread with filling.

  • Cultural food.        

  • Fresh salad

  • Noodle dish

  • Vegetable dish




Snack Suggestions:

  • Fresh fruit (cut up, please note grapes need to be cut in half)             

  • Cucumber sticks.               

  • Carrot sticks.            

  • Fresh tomatoes

  • Celery sticks

  • Peppers

Other Items:

  • X 1 Plain biscuit.           

  • X1 Rice cake.               

  • X1 Cheese string.        

  • X1 Plain Yogurt.

  • Fruit bars 


Please note: Botwell Kiddiecare Nursery does not have heating facilities to heat food please can you ensure that you provide an icepack to keep the food fresh as there is limited space in the fridge. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff 

Kind regards 

Marie and the KiddieCare team