Spring 2019 newsletter

Dear parents/ carers, 

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the Botwell nursery within the Kiddiecare chain. Welcome back to all our old children and a big welcome to all our new children.

Staff changes and messages

We would like to inform you that we have a new manager at Botwell.

My Name is Versha Khetani, I am the Nursery Manager of Botwell KiddieCare Nursery. I have 10 years of experience working in the early years sector. I started my career as an Early Years Assistant and have since held a variety of teaching and leadership roles. Maintaining high standards in care and education comes naturally allowing me to progress in my career and do what I love in a management role. I am proud to be a positive approachable Manager, providing support and guidance to her staff team. I thrive on creating a loving and nurturing environment for children from a very early age.

Please see the staff planning board in the room if you are unsure who your child’s key person is. 

Please ensure you look for notices throughout the term, these shall be displayed on parent notice board to ensure you are kept up to date with information. Kiddiecare Nursery shall also be sending out text messages to ensure information is being given.

Parental involvement                                                                                                 

Over the past few years we have made a very big effort for parents to come in and join in with the nursery activities and some parents have been very helpful and said that they have really enjoyed their experience. We are hoping this year we have more parents that would like to come in and join in the fun. If you are interested, please speak to a member of staff.

Information and reminders 

Please remember to sign your child in and out when coming in or leaving.

Please note that our morning and afternoon sessions are 8am-12.45pm and 1pm- 5.45pm and full-time sessions are 8am- 5.45pm. Please ensure you drop your child off before 9.30am for the morning session and 1.30pm for the afternoon session as this will not disrupt their learning routine, any children after this time may  be refused entry. We thank you for your cooperation.

We would like to remind parents/ carers that we have strict ratios that we have to adhere to. Our morning session finishes at 12.45pm and our afternoon session finishes at 5.45pm, therefore you need to collect your children before this time. May we remind everyone that you need to contact the nursery if you are going be late picking up your child. Please ring 0208 848 9888 and let us know so we are able to arrange staff cover. The late charge is £10.00 for every fifteen minutes (or part of) which is payable on the day. Within our safeguarding policies and procedures please ensure you let a member of staff know if anybody else is collecting your child and are not on the collection form as we cannot allow your child to leave the building if the nursery has not been notified or without your consent.

Nursery fees                                                                                                                                                        

All monthly fee-paying parents must make their payment in full for the month in advance by the 28th of every month, if your payment is not made by the 5th you shall receive a payment after that date which will incur a £50 charge on top of your fees. Those parents who pay on a weekly basis will need to ensure that your payment is made on the first session that your child attends that week. Late payments will incur a £10 fine for each week in arrears. Failure to pay your fees on time could result into termination of your child’s nursery place. I would like to remind you that normal charges apply for all absences this includes holidays, sickness, bank holidays, training days etc… Absences and holidays taken under two weeks do still need to be paid in full. Any holidays that are longer than two weeks, the third week is charged at 50% for example, if you are away for three week you will receive 50% reduction from the third week only. 

Half terms and Training days

We would like to remind you that children who receive 2 and 3-4 year old Government funding or are term time only will not be eligible to attend during the school holidays or half terms, notices will be displayed up in the nursery nearer the time to inform you of when the nursery is closed. Those children who are full time or receive 25 hours Government funding would be able to attend the Botwell Leisure Centre during the February half term, parents are reminded to provide their child/ children with a healthy pack lunch for those who are AM/ full time and label the lunch box. Please ensure any medication is taken ensuring the medication is prescribed.

All our Kiddiecare branches have one training day per term which is closed to all children. Notices will be displayed up in the nursery nearer the time to inform you of when the nursery is closed. Please note no sessions will be transferrable and are still chargeable. (Please refer to terms and conditions) .

Swimming Lessons

We are pleased to inform you that swimming lessons shall be going ahead this term starting week commencing 26/02/2019 and ending week commencing 25/03/2019 (5 weeks in total). Swimming lessons for this term would be £35.90 and would need to be paid in full by 15th February 2019. Please pay cash payments with the correct fees as Kiddiecare Nursery does not hold change on site. All swimming lessons are held on a Tuesday afternoon between 2.30-3.00pm

Please arrive 10 minutes before the lesson starts to give you enough time to get your child ready.

Any other issues                                                                                                                                                      

Please ensure your child’s clothing and belongings are labelled. Please bring with you spare sets of clothes, nappies, wipes and creams (if needed), warm jacket, hat and gloves/ scarf (for winter months). The nursery is not responsible for the loss of your child’s belongings. Please take all belongings home at the end of each session. Any prams and scooters etc… are left at own risk, the nursery is not responsible for any lost or damages. At Kiddiecare Nursery we have policies and procedures that we have to follow. The policies and procedures file are available to view at any time.  If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to speak to us, kind regards, 

Kind regards, the nursery team.