Quality of Care and Support *
Quality of Care and Support
My child is happy at the nursery.
My child enjoys the activities at the nursery.
I am happy with the quality of care.
My child’s likes and dislikes are taken into consideration.
I have the opportunity to give ideas to help improve my child’s nursery.
My child is supported to meet their potential
My child is encouraged to be healthy.
I receive regular communication from nursery staff about events.
I feel happy approaching staff for help support.
I feel comfortable approaching staff to talk about my child’s needs.
Quality of Environment *
Quality of Environment
The nursery is kept clean, bright and in good order.
The nursery is a safe place for children to attend.
The nursery is stimulating for my child.
The nursery has adequate learning tools to facilitate my child’s learning requirements.
The parent notice board is accessible and easy to understand.
Quality of Staffing *
Quality of Staffing
Staff treat children well.
Parents' opinions and suggestions are valued.
I receive regular communication from nursery staff about my child’s learning.
I am confident that staff are well qualified.
I know if my child is struggling they are being helped appropriately.
Staff are happy and work well together.
How likely is it that you would recommend KiddieCare to friends and family?

Your feedback goes a long way in helping us at KiddieCare Nurseries continuously improving our services to you and your child. Please keep an eye out for our feedback tab on our website to stay up to date with new ideas we are implementing to satisfy the needs of you and your children. Should you wish to contact us, please do so via our website. We are always willing to hear your suggestions and ideas.