Autumn 2019 Newsletter


Autumn 2019 Newsletter

Dear parents/ carers,                                                                                                                                              

We hope that you have all had a lovely Summer and a good break. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new children and their families who are starting with us this term.

Staff changes and messages

We would like to inform you that Katarina and Sophia have decided not to return to Kiddiecare this term, I am sure you would join us in wishing them the best of luck for the future. Hina shall be returning to Kiddiecare Nursery as bank staff from this term, Hina shall continue to support the nursery and staff. Finally I would like to introduce myself, my name is Nusrat and I shall be the new Manager of this branch and the Dormer Wells branch in Southall. Some of you may have met me at the end of term party and I am looking forward to getting to know you all. I have a BA Honours in Early years Teaching and I have been in the Childcare industry for over 14 years and in management for over 2 years.  All staff names and details are displayed along the corridor, please have a look at this and familiarise yourself with the staff as well as your child’s key carer, due to staff leaving some children have been transferred over to a new key carer who shall introduce themselves to you. You will be informed of any staff changes during the term.

Nursery sessions

At present I would like to inform you that we shall be operating upstairs for the moment, please ensure you ring the bell by the white door. We kindly ask that you are patient with us in answering the door as we shall be on the floor with the children and may not be able to answer the door straight away. Please note that our morning and afternoon sessions are 8am-12.45pm and 1pm- 5.45pm and full time sessions are 8am- 5.45pm. I would like to remind parents/ carers that we have strict ratios that we have to adhere to. Our morning session finishes at 12.45pm and our afternoon session finishes at 5.45pm, therefore you need to collect your children before this time. May I remind everyone that you need to contact the nursery if you are going be late picking up your child, please ring 0208 8136000 and let us know so we are able to arrange staff cover. The late charge is £10.00 for every fifteen minutes (or part of) which is payable on the day.

Nursery fees                                                                                                                                                        

Monthly nursery fees are due on or before the 28th of each month. If you would like to set up a standing order to ensure payments are received on time, please ask Nusrat for the standing order details. A late payment charge, of £50.00 shall be added to your invoice if monthly payments are not received by the 5th of the month. Weekly fees are due on the first day of the new week your child attends; a late charge of £10.00 shall be added weekly until payment is made. Please note cash payments would need to be made between 9.30am- 4pm to ensure we are meeting the banks opening times. I would like to remind you that normal charges apply for all absences this includes holidays, sickness, bank holidays, training days etc… Absences and holidays taken under two weeks do still need to be paid in full. Any holidays that are longer than two weeks, the third week is charged at 50%

As you are aware nursery meals are now chargeable (excluding breakfast and snacks) therefore a gentle reminder that meal money is to be paid on the first session your child attends if you pay weekly and on the 1st of every month if you make monthly payments. You also have the option of bringing in a pack lunch for your child. The fees for meals are £1.50p for lunch or £1.00p for tea, if your child attends the full day the charge is £2.00p

Dates for diary

Term starts: Monday 9th September

Training day: Monday 28th October (Closed for all children)

Half term week: Monday 21st October- Friday 25th October (Nursery closed for those in receipt of 15 hours Government funding and term time)

Halloween: 31st October

Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire night): 5th November

Diwali: 14th November

Remembrance Sunday: 08th November

Nursery photographer: 20th November

St Andrew’s Day: 30th November

Christmas party: TBC

End of term: Friday 13th December

24th December: All nurseries close at 1pm.

25th December- 2nd January 2019: All nurseries shall be closed.

Christmas Day: 25th December

Boxing Day: 26th December

New Years Day: 1st January 

Term starts: 6th January 2020

Parent/ carer meetings                                                                                                                                        

We hold regular meetings throughout the term. These are opportunities for you to come in and see your child’s profiles and talk to staff about your child’s progress. Your children’s profiles are available for you to view at any time by accessing the Tapestry website with your email address and password (if you need this resetting please let me know) Please keep a look out for notices nearer the time.

Half terms and Training days

I would like to remind you that children who receive 2 year old or 3-4 year old 15 hours Government funding will not be eligible to attend during the school holidays or half terms, notices will be displayed up in the nursery nearer the time to inform you of when the nursery is closed. Those children receiving the 25hours funding would be able to attend the October half term. All our Kiddiecare branches have one training day per term which is closed to all children. Please note no sessions will be transferrable and are still chargeable. (Please refer to terms and conditions)  

Any other issues                                                                                                                                                      

Please ensure your child’s clothing and belongings are labelled. Please bring with you spare sets of clothes, nappies, wipes and creams (if needed) The nursery is not responsible for the loss of your child’s belongings. Please take all belongings home at the end of each session. And finally a polite reminder that the car park is a one way system, you must enter the car park using the road to the left of the building (Greenfield Place) and exit using the driveway to the right (the one by the nursery door) If we can all ensure we abide by this we can avoid any traffic collisions. Thank you for your cooperation. Please ensure you are familiar with the policies and procedures. If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to speak to us, kind regards, 

Kind regards,

Nusrat and the Nursery team.