September 2019 newsletter


September 2019 newsletter


Please remember to re-activate your code online with childcare choices to ensure your code is ready.

From September 2019!

For those children that are turning 3 during September- December and you/ both parents are working you may be entitled to 30 hours funding from January 2020. If you think you are eligible for the 30 hours funding please go to and complete the online form under '30 hours funding', if entitled you shall receive a 15 digit code which you would need to bring in to the nursery. If you have any questions or are unsure speak to Jade.


  • Morning session is from 8 till 12.45 and afternoon is 1 till 5.45, we ask you to come 15 minutes early so that we can give you feedback and discuss your child’s day.

  • If you are starting at 1pm you will be asked to wait downstairs as we can’t have too many people in the hallway due to fire safety.

  • If your child is fee paying or on three year funding you do need to pay for lunch on the first day of your session on that week £1.50 for lunch, £1 for tea or both £2 a day.

  • The last Friday of every month is bring a friend to nursery for 1 hour, however their parent does have to stay in the building.

  • Please be aware if you are late from any session there is a charge to pay

  • If you wish to change your session or leave the nursery we need to have 30 days notice

  • If any parents would like to come in and join the children to do any activities or to talk about your professions you are more than welcome. Please speak to management.

Tapestry morning 

If you are having trouble with your tapestry you are more than welcome to come along and sit down to be shown or even to create an account. 

This will be on 30th of September at 10am for an hour for you to drop in and ask any question. 


Please remember to sign your child in and out every day!!

Please remember to do your child’s self-registration board when coming in.