Much planning goes into preparing varied, nutritious and well-balanced vegetarian meals, taking into account any dietary requirements*. A qualified cook freshly prepares all meals. Health and Hygiene standards are strictly adhered to. Children are offered healthy snacks as well as water to drink throughout the day. 

Breakfast: Children are offered a choice of cereals and toast with milk or water to drink

Snacks: Children are offered two snacks a day consisting of fresh fruit and a carbohydrate e.g. crackers, breadsticks, rice cakes, with milk or water

Cooked lunches are available at four of our nurseries: Church Road Hayes, Ashdown Hall (Hillingdon), West Drayton and Tithebarn Way (Northolt).

For our Botwell Nursery and Pine Place Nursery (if doing a full day session) you will be required to provide a healthy packed lunch for your child.

Week Two

Monday: Cheese and broccoli pasta bake
Pudding: Sliced pears and custard

Tuesday:Chilli quorn-carne with sweetcorn and brown rice
Pudding: Banana Mousse

Wednesday: Vegetable lasagne with garlic bread
Pudding: Fruit cocktail

Thursday: Quorn meatballs with spaghetti, sweetcorn and peas
Pudding: Yoghurt

Friday: Vegetable/fish fingers with mashed potato and spaghetti hoops
Pudding: Ice cream

Week One

Monday: Quorn sausages, new potatoes, sweetcorn and onion gravy
Pudding: Fresh fruit salad

Tuesday: Tomato base wholegrain pasta bake with crispy cheese topping
Pudding: Yoghurt

Wednesday: Fresh vegetable curry with brown rice and salad
Pudding: Bananas and custard

Thursday: Quorn spaghetti bolognese with vegetables
Pudding: Ice cream

Friday: Jacket potatoes with tuna or grated cheese and salad
Pudding: Halal jelly with fruit pieces

Week Four

Monday: Fish/veggie fingers with new potatoes and baked beans
Pudding: Sliced peaches and custard

Tuesday: Vegetable lasagne with potato wedges
Pudding: Yoghurt

Wednesday: Quorn chicken noodles with stir-fry vegetables in a black bean sauce
Pudding: Fruit cocktail

Thursday: Vegetable mixed rice, peppers and garlic bread
Pudding: Ice cream

Friday: Quorn shepherds pie with mashed potato topping and sweetcorn
Pudding: Chocolate mousse

Week Three

Monday: Quorn chicken wraps with fresh salad, cheese& chive dip
Pudding: Yoghurt

Tuesday: Fish cakes/veggie fingers with new potatoes and peas
Pudding: Halal jelly with fruit

Wednesday: Homemade pizzas and mixed toppings with fresh salad
and spaghetti hoops
Pudding: Fresh fruit salad

Thursday: Quorn sausage pasta bake with a cheesy crispy topping
with fresh seasonal vegetables
Pudding: Strawberry Mousse

Friday: Fresh vegetable curry with brown rice and salad
Pudding: Apple Crumble


*Menus may vary according to the individual needs of the children and availability