Each of our nurseries has a secure outdoor play area, where the children can play games, use bikes, have a run around and explore nature with our wide range of stimulating equipment. Our equipment is chosen carefully with the development of your child utmost on our mind. We have an extensive range of resources available to help expand your child’s knowledge and experience during their stay with us. Each building is clean, safe and secure at all times. Each child is allocated a key person who forms a close relationship with your child, monitoring their development throughout their time at KiddieCare. We work in close partnership with our parents and carers and will value your contribution as early educators and partners in the provision of a high standard of care for your child.

The children at Kiddiecare are encouraged to develop self-help skills to become independent, building their confidence and self esteem. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, working with the local community and you, our parents, to meet individual children’s needs. Our aim is to ensure all our children are equipped with skills that will follow them to reception class, preparing them for full time education.

All our staff are qualified or working towards their qualification and they all have up-to-date CRB/DBS checks. Our staff love what they do and are dedicated to their work. The care and safety of the children remain their highest priority. We are well staffed, with the number of staff to children meeting requirements set by our governing body OFSTED.

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  • Giving every child, regardless of race, background, belief, sex, ability or social standing the opportunity to develop to their full potential in an environment that is happy, bright and stimulating and one which promotes the self confidence of each child.

  • Extending each child’s range of profitable learning experiences beyond that which can easily be provided within the family, but in ways that are complimentary to family values.

  • Using a range of play materials and equipment in planned and progressive ways that stimulates and advances the children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

  • Developing children’s early knowledge, understanding and skills in ways that provide a sound basis for later education i.e. ability to listen and to talk about and record their experiences with increasing understanding, competence, confidence and fluency.

  • Using play activities to stimulate and build upon children’s natural curiosity and to enable them to learn through planned worthwhile activities.

  • Encouraging each child in exploring their environment in order to be imaginative and creative.

  • Providing every child within our care, a warm, stable environment with the support of staff that are responsive and sensitive to their needs.

  • Working in partnership with parents and valuing them as early educators and partners in the provision of a high standard of care for their children.

  • To offer high quality, flexibility, affordability and choice for parents within our nurseries.